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Programs and Projects

​Circle Training

Within Evanston: 


Restorative Justice Evanston will lead Circles and provide training in Restorative Justice to educational and community organizations within Evanston at no cost, although we accept donations from organizations that are able, to support our Restorative Justice work. 


Outside Evanston: 

Organizations outside of Evanston will be charged a fee for trainings to support the RJE’s continuing work.


The charge for a basic RJ training starts at $500. This basic training involves a pre-meeting with the organization to articulate the goals of the training, a two hour training with at least two facilitators, educational materials and a de-brief with the organization to assure that goals were met. Longer, more comprehensive trainings can be arranged and will be charged on a case-by-case basis. 


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Resource Directory


Peaceable Cities: Evanston has compiled a list of all Evanston organizations that put violence-prevention in the forefront. This directory of community services will act as a resource for anyone seeking support or assistance. 







Do you provide a service that should be included in our directory? Let us know! 

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