© 2014 Peaceable Cities: Evanston


"How much violence is OK?"

One young man shot per summer?

One domestic battery per ward per month?

One child bullied per classroom per day?

One elder verbally abused per month per block?"


Our answer: None! Not one, not ever, no more.


Our Mission is to stimulate, coordinate, and support the efforts of all in our community who strive to promote respect and prevent violence. Our goal is a completely peaceable city by 2020.

About Us


Our Core Values


We Are Commited To:

  • Assessing Evanston's strengths, identifying Evanston's assets, and addressing unmet needs that affect peaceable living for all.

  • Strategizing broadly, ensuring our efforts reflect the best available research and experience in strengthening community, preventing violence, and practicing restorative justice.

  • Acting skillfully, transparently, and inclusively, welcoming all who share our vision.

  • Persisting, ensuring sustainable, structural and personal capacities for peaceable living.