© 2014 Peaceable Cities: Evanston




Dear Peaceable Cities:Evanston and Restorative Justice Evanston friends and supporters,


The Board of Directors of PJ:E/RJE has decided to lay down the organization. Peaceable Cities: Evanston was founded in 2011 by Joey Rodger to stimulate, coordinate and support the efforts of all in our community striving to promote respect and prevent violence. Peaceable Cities: Evanston was joined by Restorative Justice Evanston in 2015. We are proud of the work our organization has done to promote peace and justice in Evanston through community events and education, grants to innovative neighborhood and civic organizations,  and resources to increase awareness and use of the many extraordinary organizations providing services and promoting justice in our city. Once joined by Restorative Justice Evanston, we expanded our work to provide trainings in Restorative Justice to local and regional groups and host Community Peace Circles to increase dialog and empathy. Many groups we trained now use RJ practices with their employees and clients to promote peaceful communication and understanding. Restorative Justice training is available in Evanston through our board member Arica Barton in her RJ work at the City of Evanston and through the Moran Center where Pam Cytrynbaum, another board member, is the Restorative Justice Coordinator.


Though the work of promoting peace and justice in Evanston is far from done, we believe that other organizations have taken on this mantle with extraordinary effectiveness;  we will continue to support their work. PC:E/RJE has distributed its remaining resources to organizations that we believe embody the hopeful vision our group was built upon, the belief that violence is preventable and that peaceable living can move from a wistful dream to a muscular reality through hard work together.


There is much work to be done, and we will continue this work in other capacities, bringing with us the hopeful vision of Peaceable Cities: Evanston and the lessons learned from you and other supporters.


                                                            In peace and hope,

                                                    PJ:E/RJE Board of Directors